Practice test

1-Which of the following is not an option of home tab?

a-Cut                                                                              b-Delete slide

c-Copy                                                                           d-Page setup


2-Alignment buttons are available on the_________tab-

a-Status bar                                                               b-Home

c-Insert                                                                      d-None of these


3-Which is not appears in the insert tab.

a-Tables                                                                    b-illustrations

c-Text                                                                        d-All of the above


4-Which of the following holds the Rom, CPU, Ram and expansion cards?

a-Hardisk                                                                  b-Floppy disk

c-Mother board                                                      d-None of the above


5-A Floppy disk contains-

a-Circular tracks only                                            b-Sectors only

c-Both circular tracks and sectors                      d-None of the above




6-The binary number system has a base-

a-2                                                                            b-4

c-8                                                                            d-16


7-Ram means-

a-Random access memory                                  b-Read only memory

c-Read access memory                                        d- Read also memory


8-Which one of the following memory or storage is volatile?

a-Hard disk                                                             b-Floppy disk

c-Magnetic tape                                                    d-Ram

9-Which of the following devices can be used to input printed text?

a-OCR                                                                      b-OMR

c-MICR                                                                    d-All of the above


10-Main memory stores-

a-Data only                                                                                                b-Program only

c-Data program and results or any other kind of information         d-None of these




11-A Smart terminal is one which-

a-Looks very attractive                                     b-Has in-built processing capability

c- Must convert input on CRT screen             d-None of these


12-A CD-ROM is-

a-An optical rom                                                b-A Magnetic rom

c-An erasable rom                                             d-None of these


13-In a Hardisk 0 track is-

a-The Outermost                                              b- The innermost

c-Totally machine dependent                        d-None of these


14-Lilo is used for-

a-Creation of boot diskette                          b-Managing Linux network

c-Multiboot                                                     d-Lignum configuration


15-Which one of the following is external DOS command?

a-Copy                                                             b-Format

c-Del                                                                d-Dir




16-Which of the following is  high-level language Program?

a-C                                                                   b-C++

c-Python                                                         d-All of the above


17-If you want to copy a selection of text, which button do you click-

a-Move                                                           b-Copy

c-Duplicate                                                    d-Cut


18-To convert keyboard extend-selection mode, you will press function key-

a-F4                                                                 b-F3

c-F7                                                                 d-F8


19- What is not on the review tab?

a-Spelling and grammar                              b-Thesaurus

c-Word count                                                d-Insert table


20- When you create Auto text entries, they are stored in a template document named as-

a-Normal                                                       b-Tempdoc

c-Autodoc                                                     d-Storedoc



21-Drop caps applied to-

a-Characters                                               b-Words

c-Sentences                                                d-None of the above


22-Section breaks in word 2007 can be only at-

a-Next page                                               b-Continuous

c-Even and odd page                               d-All of the above


23-In word 2007 every command is available in.

a-Letter                                                       b-Icon

c-Printer                                                     d-Ribbon


24-Word document template are like-

a-Books                                                       b-Papers

c-Stationary                                               d-Notes


25-To copy character formatting, press the keys-

     a-Ctrl+Shift+C                                    b-Ctrl+Shift+V

     c-Ctrl+backspace                               d-All of the above





26-Which ribbon shows what fonts are available for use?

     a-View                                               b-Page layout

     c-Reference                                      d-Home


27-Word 2007 text can be made italic by-

     a-Ctrl+I                                             b-Ctrl+B

     c-Ctrl+U                                            d-None of the above


28-By default word 2007 format your text as-

     a-14 Point Times New Roman            b-12 Point Times New Roman         

     c-11 Point Times New Roman            d-None of the above


29 In word 2007 you can align the selected paragraph to its right by pressing-

     a-Ctrl+E                                             b-Ctrl+l

     c-Ctrl+R                                             d-None of the above


30-Drop caps applied to-

     a-Characters                                b-Words

     c-Sentences                                d-None of the above

31-What is not a new feature in word 2007?

     a-Ribbon                                       b-Button

     c-Charts                                       d-Drop-down menu



32-Word automatically places a default left aligned tab stop at every-

     a-0.2”                                        b-0.4”

     c-0.3”                                        d-0.5”


33-You can change the margins in word 2007 by-

     a-Using the ruler or                               b-Using the page setup

     c-Both (a) and (b)                                  d-None of the above


34-The Automatic page breaks appear as dotted lines across the document in-

     a-Print layout view                    b-Draft view

     c-Full reading view                   d-None of the above


35-Word 2007 supports-

     a-Automatic page breaks                 b-Manual page breaks

     c-Both (a) and (b)                             d-None of the above


36-Section breaks in word 2007 can be only at-

     a-Next page                             b-Continuous

     c-Even and odd page              d-All of the above


37-Where does a header appear in a document?

     a-At the top of every page                           b-At the bottom of every page

     c-Only on the first page                               d-Only on the last page



38- The command to insert a header or footer is located on which ribbon tab-

     a-Insert                                            b-Home

     c-Reference                                    d-Page layout


39-In word 2007 every command is available in-

a-Letter                                       b-Icon

c-Printer                                     d-Ribbon


40-Word document templates are like-

a-Books                                     b-Papers

c-Stationary                               d-Notes

41-You can create a templates-

a-Based on an existing document                       b-Based on an existing template

c-Both (a) and (b)                                                 d-None of the above


42-A table is made up of rows and columns of cells that you can fill-

a-Text or graphics                     b-Only text

c-Only graphics                         d-None of the above


43-In word 2007, If you will press a tab within a table cell moves you to-

a-Next row                                  b-Next column

c-Next cell                                   d-Next table


44-What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word 2007 table can have

a- 1 Row and 1 column                                     b-2 Rows and 1 column

c- 2 Rows and 2 column                                   d-None of Above


45-Cells delete options in a table that can be-

a-Shift cells left                                                    b-Shift cells up

c-Delete entire row or column                             d-All of the above



46-To align text in a table cell by-

a-Electing home tab of paragraph group           b-Selecting layout tab of alignment group

c-Both(a) and (b)                                                   d-None of the above



47-Instant understanding is made in word by-

a-Graphical representation                                  b-Text information

c-Table information                                              d-None of the above


48-In the print preview tab the magnifier option appears-

a-Preview group                                            b-Page setup group

c-Zoom group                                                d-Zone of the above





49-In word 2007, What does double click a word do?

a-It deletes the word                                      b-It selects the word

c-It moves a word to a new                            d-It spell-checks the word location


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