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M4.3-R4 ICT resources

Assembly and Disassembly of PC and its various Parts, Startup Process (Booting),
BIOS Setup, CMOS Setup and meaning of its various setting, Installation of Windows
XP operating System, Installation of Other Software Packages such as Ms Office etc.
Operation of Printer, Installation of printer driver, Backup and Restore Operations
Troubleshooting PC Problems

Compression Utilities: WinZip, PKZIP, Concept of compression, Defragmenting Hard,
disk using defrag, Scan Disk for checking disk space, lost files and recovery, Formatting
Hard disk, Floppy Disk, Setting System Date and Time, Antivirus Package
CD Writing Sofware – Nero etcr.

3. Networking Concepts

What is Networking, Local Area Networking (LANs), Metropolitan Area Network , MAN),
Wide Area Network (WAN), Networking Topologies, Transmission media & method of
communication, Cabling: straight through and cross over, Study of components like
switches, bridges, routers, Wifi router etc., communication Protocols, TCP/IP, IP
addressing, MAC address, Subnetting

4. Network Administration

Installing and configuring the network using Windows NT based System, Administration
of Windows NT based network, Creation of user and groups, File Sharing, Printer

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